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How to book the 2018 Wessex Rally
Full payment to be sent with the Booking Form to the Wessex Treasurer, along with a Stamped Addressed Envelope (230mm X 160mm - C5),
so your programme, and any other relevant information, can be sent to you before the Rally.
To download and print the Booking Form please click this link :- Booking Form
Please make all cheques payable to "Wessex Centres Rally". Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.
A "Unit" comprises a car + caravan, or a motorhome + car, 2 Adults and 2/3 Children.
Any extra adults or vehicles will be required to pay the "Additional Person(s)" charge - £5.00 each
If you don't have cheques and wish to pay by Bank Transfer, please contact the Wessex Treasurer who will give you the required details, and a reference number which MUST be quoted on all payments. You will still have to send in a Booking Form and a Stamped Addressed Envelope as above.
Unfortunately neither Debit/Credit Card payments, nor "online" payments can be accepted at this time.
Wessex Treasurers contact details are on the Booking Form or you may send an email to : Wessex Treasurer