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Centre's Entertain - Included in the Weekend Price ! !
"Centre's Entertain" is the night when all competing Centres may, if they wish, enter to win points towards the "Group Cup", as well as the overall "Wessex Trophy". To many, it is the highlight of the weekend; to others, the culmination of a lot of hard work; to the rest... it's just good entertainment. Judging is done by independent, external guests.
There are 3 categories, all for any age or gender. Centre's may enter as many categories as they wish:
Category A:    Up to 25 people on stage (which includes those holding props, scenery, etc)
Category B:    Up to 5 performers
Category C:    Solo Performers.
There are photographs on the Gallery page showing scenes from some of the acts that have graced the stage in the past. Acts can be as simple, or as complicated, as you wish. The Rules and the allocation of points can be viewed on the Competition Rules page.

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